Surviving the night 19th-20th of January

Before dinner (that was planned at 7 all together, to go to a restaurant and eat the snake), Floh, An., A. and I decided to have a couple of beers to kill the waiting. The situation went a little out of control, and we ended up playing (drinking) games pretty drunk. Around 7 we understood that it was not a good idea anymore to go for dinner, as we were all tipsy and the other could have been annoyed, so we stopped in a bar with a balcony where we played the “who is the last to finish will pay the next round”.  An. was the first to surrender. She was so drunk that in the end she was trying to give back to the waiter the glass of beer without finishing it, as she didn’t want to pay but she couldn’t drink anymore. Her night ended around 11, when we helped her to cross the street in front of our hostel, which she couldn’t even recognize. A. followed her after one hour, more or less.

F. and I, still feeling fresh (sure…), at first joined a group of young Vietnamese, sitting out of a beer shop. It was so funny because actually we weren’t allowed to sit and drink there, so every time that a police car passed by all of us had to stand up, hide the chairs and the tables, the shop closed and, after the police was gone, as nothing had happened the shoop reopened and we all could sit again. The rest of the night is definitely unbelievable, and still sounds like a joke when we try to talk about it. We don’t know exactly what happened, but it involved a deaf Vietnamese guy, many beers, a lost mobile phone, a scratched face and a ride to the hospital.

The next morning we went to visit the War Museum and strolled around some quarters, including one through which an old railway was passing. We also experienced a really bad lunch, with a fishy soup (renamed “fiki fiki soup”) that was not really appreciated.IMG_5081

We had a little discussion with the others about the next destination, as someone wanted to go to Halong Bay, but we all decided that for the health and serenity of the group would have been better not to argue too much. In the afternoon an over- night bus was waiting for us, heading to Hue.  In Hanoi we decided to buy bus tickets to travel through Vietnam. It was a deal, as we didn’t pay much and we had tickets for the following five destinations, and all we needed was to call one day earlier and book our seats.




As always, the night ride was not the best one could imagine, but we survived and reached Hue in the morning.


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