Moving to the South 21st-22nd of January

Well, Hue…what to say? Not really a special place to me. We were all pretty disappointed, actually, but that is a very individual feeling. The special thing about the city is the old Citadel, but not stunning I would say. Probably to worsen all was the fact that it was raining during lunchtime, and we were really looking forward to the sun after the grey sky of Hangzhou.

1920248_10203476697025047_821168607_nWe strolled around a little bit and then decided to follow our bellies and started the research of a place where to eat something and sit for a while. After one hour (or more) of wandering we ended up in a restaurant completely empty, whose owner succeeded in catching our attention showing the “famous” Laughing Cow Cheese that they used. He was funny, and we decided that he deserved to win over the others. We spent the afternoon  playing games like “telefono senza fili” ( the one in which one person whispers a message to another and it is passed through people until the last), obviously messing up with sentences in various languages, making it completely impossible to say the right sentence…we laughed a lot with nothing really. At night we found a nice bar to have a couple of beers, and after the already famous baguette on the street we head to bed.


In the morning L. and I went to have a walk around, while others went for shopping or buying the machine to make the Vietnamese coffee. We decided just to walk in some directions, and we arrived in a kind of suburb, with really old houses that years ago must have been magnificent and now were breaking apart. When we decided that it was time to go back, L. turned to me asking “Well, do you know where we are? Cos I have no clue how to get back”.  After a moment of uncertainty, we managed to come back in time to catch the bus.

Hostel in Hue: NGOC HUNG HOTELextremely friendly staff, who offered coffee as soon as we arrived and helped us to have a discount in the following hostel.

The destination this time was Hoi An, not really far, so the bus was during the afternoon. With Floh, An. and A. we decided to make the ride a little funnier and bought some beers to play cards in the back seats. That was a great idea, and A. made it ever funnier because he really got angry when he was losing! We arrived in Hoi An in the late afternoon, and reached the hotel that the others had booked for us as well: Hoa My Hotel, a nice hotel, pretty well located, with helpful staff. We immediately walked to the riverbank. The scenery was kind of funny I would say. It was thought to be nice and elegant, but too many lights hanging around made the whole street similar to ours during Christmas time.


Dinner was really nice. We were the only guests in a kind of open restaurant, we ate a lot and tried the “home-made” wine, which actually was a really really strong spirit that made the night start. We had some beers at the “Good and Cheap” bar, and after Floh and I decided to go to the Backpackers’ bar, where we miserably lost playing pool against two girls. This is definitely not our sport, but we had fun, and went home when the bar was closing.


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