Riding around HoiAn 23rd of January

The 23rd we decided to explore the surroundings, knowing that not really far there was an archaeological site, My Son. But the idea was to use a different transportation, so we rented scooters (with gears for the “true men”).



Half of the day we spent wandering around…actually we got lost many times, but it was worth as we discovered a wonderful and peaceful lake hidden on the top of a hill, and he hit dirt tracks, not really suitable for our scooters, but it was fun.


What else? Yeah, we found ourselves halted by a little stream, that we decided to cross with the scooters…not really a brilliant idea, especially for An. There must be a really good shot of her flooded with water by Floh who gave gas to her scooter with her standing behind…oh no, it was on A.’s mobile phone, so it’s gone…we will come to that story later.


Anyway, a couple of hours before the closing time we reached My Son, but it was definitely worth the visit. The place is beautiful, so inspiring for awesome pictures, surrounded by nature and not so many tourists when we were there.

[Tips for visiting My Son: DO AVOID organized tours with buses from the city. The ride is awesome and the schedule of tours is not enjoyable. Do it by yourself and you’ll love it!]




At night, the Fantastic Four again (Floh, A. An. and I) went to try a bar at the end of the riverbank, where we supposed offered an undeniable deal…pay one get two beers! We had a nice night, An. and A. came back later, happy and tipsy, while me and Floh were smoking a cigarette on the stairs inside the hostel (yeah, China ruined our level of civilization).


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