Marble Mountain and a sunset 24th of January

For the next day we decided to repeat the experience with the scooters, and headed to the Marble Mountains, about 15 kilometres north of Hoi An, opposite the large beach resorts of Danang.  The journey was fun, we stopped at the sea (first time of the holiday) and were lucky because the weather was wonderful, nobody was at the beach, we just took our shoes off and went into the sea, which was frozen for me, and quite alright for the Germans. On the road, no need to say which scooter was winning all the races: Floh and I vs A,. and An.?




The Marble Mountain was a surprise, we didn’t expect it to be so nice to climb, and we felt like little explorers believing to have discovered some hidden tracks (not true, obviously…) and caves.




The sun was shining, we were all in a really good mood.

About Marble Mountains: The price of the entrance  is 15,000 VND (less than 1 US $), price which will give access to mountain Thuy Son (the mountain of water),since the rest of the marble mountains are of free and open access. The elevator costs 30,000 VND (1€), but the climb is quite easy. The mountain of water is the largest and most beautiful of all mountain and without a doubt, the great tourist attraction of Danang marble mountains, since it concentrates almost all the points of interest of the visit.




We stopped around the village at the bottom of the mountain (that was actually more a hill, for its height) with the scooters to watch marble statues and have our beloved coffee and a baguette. Once ready, we were on the road again, pushing the scooters as fast as they could, waving at other people and watching An. shouting at A. to slow down because she was scared.  We reached the riverbank to see the sunset from a beautiful spot (called by us the “sunset bar”, even if we didn’t stop at any bar, but were sitting on the bank), where the river broadened becoming similar to a lake and giving us one of the many stunning sunsets of the holiday.


Another wild night was waiting for us. It started as the night before, with just a couple of beers at the bar on the river with the offer for beers, and we ended up in front of a supermarket, drinking beers with other young foreigners and some very drunk people from everywhere till 4 or 5. Those, where we just met people and talked and had fun, were some of the best nights, when we started to understand with whom we really wanted to travel.


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