We don’t need a place to sleep! 25th-26th of January

The morning of the 25th was dedicated to the research of bus tickets for Nha Trang. With Floh, A. and An. we decided to go on by ourselves, separated from the others as the situation was not the best lately. We were having some arguments, and we felt that the holiday would have been better for everybody in that way. Moreover, our plan was actually to skip  Nha Trang, or, not really…the idea was to take two night buses in a row and stay in the city in the day between the two buses. After managing to get all the necessary tickets (that took some time), we went for breakfast in a bar where we met a swank German who decided to spend the morning with us, close to our sunset bar, with palms, an hammock and our ritual three or four Vietnamese coffees.




After some time, we headed back to the hostel, grabbed our luggage, bought some stuff for lunch/dinner/survival for the ride and it was time for the bus.

The ride was really bad actually, the bus was dirty and loud and hosted cockroaches, especially under A.’s place, but we were all scared to suddenly find one walking next to us that the night was more similar to a nightmare. We were really tired but extremely happy to be in Nha Trang in the morning, finally out of the bus. We had breakfast with the others that had taken the same night bus and Floh had finally proudly his shoes cleaned…they were waiting for this moment since the weird night in Hanoi.


A long day was waiting for me, Floh and An., as the plan was not to stop anywhere. A. met the French girl we had a coffee with in Hue, and decided to go to Mui Ne with her for one day of kite surfing, and then to reach us again in Ho Chi Min. The three of us headed to the beach leaving our backpack at the bus station, just taking a swimming costume and a towel. We used the ocean as our morning shower, and slept for a couple of hours…that was enough for all of us to get our worst sunburn of the holiday, even though we put the protection, but we were all so white that we were reflecting the sun rays!

We strolled around for a while, but Nah Trang is not really a city full of attraction if you exclude the beach and bars…so the final solution was to have some beers playing cards in a cute and completely empty restaurant, where beers were incredibly cheap. We had fun, once again, with not really much, and attracted some tourists at the restaurant!

Late afternoon and it was time again for a bus ride, this time to Saigon/Ho Chi Min.


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