Cu Chi tunnels and some beers – 28th of January

The next morning for Floh and A. was time to go to the police to report the theft and get some documents for the insurance. The good news of the day was that Floh got back his luggage, and some money as “reparation”. The afternoon was great though. An. was sick and couldn’t join, but it was the last day there and we couldn’t postpone the trip. We took a public bus on the dusty road to Cu Chi, to see the mythical tunnels of the Vietcong. The bus was already an experience, probably not many tourists are using them and we were watched with much curiosity. The tunnels were a beautiful experience (speaking in terms of the fun we had, not the history). We had to make ourselves really small (the two Germans with way more effort than me, i’m small!) to pass through them, and Floh and A. really loved getting into some holes full of bats and spiders (not my kind, really).


[A tip about the tunnels: avoid organized tours from the city, a guide will show you around the tunnels anyway and reach them by yourself is way funnier!]

Their nice and white t-shirts at the end of the day had changed colors, but that would have become a routine later, especially for A. Incredibly, that gave finally Floh a reason to change his t-shirt, as since the luggage loss he was trying to see for how many days he could not change clothes. Yeah, weird ideas we had during the trip.


At night an exhausting search of a bus for Chau Doc by every travel agency of the city took a lot of time and energies, but when we succeeded we felt that was time to celebrate it. And how do you wanna celebrate in Vietnam? With a good hamburger, obviously! We were missing a little some Western food, and we had already seen a nice restaurant  which had caught our attention. The night took a really funny turn: we were all pretty drunk at the end, especially Floh and I, but only because we were the last to surrender!


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