Cambodia here we come! 29th of January

The morning of the 29th started slow and with some hangover-related difficulties, but we managed to have showers, pack our stuff, pay the hostel, say good bye to our weird host and reach the bus, where we waited to leave for half an hour, standing outside because Al. wanted to be sure that nobody could steal our luggage from the back of the bus. The phone’s loss had made him a little paranoid.


Our destination was Chau Doc, where a branch of the Mekong River flows through the city. The plan was to find a boat there to cross the border with Cambodia. We had heard somewhere that it was possible (we planned almost everything day-by-day); we were all sick of over night or day buses and decided to give it a try, without being sure of actually finding a boat.20140129_170541

We reached Chau Doc at night, completely unprepared about where to find a hostel and, most important, a boat. We wandered around for some time, but at one point exhaustion won and we located a really cute hotel. A cute hotel was usually not at all our standard (money-wise), but we tried and we were incredibly lucky. It was not really expensive, we could book the boat from there, get a pick-up and…we had a TV with Discovery Channel for one night! That was the major enthusiasm for the guys. The name of the hotel is TRUNG NGUYEN HOTEL, where we paid around 20 $ for a room for two persons, breakfast included.

We went for dinner next to a big boat restaurant, that was actually good (except for the slow service), but ruined by masses of mosquitoes which haunted us. We had a beer in a market square and went to bed.


Discovery Channel turned out to be not so good for the boys…they were not able to get up the next morning, and moreover we were in different rooms, which meant that, differently from other days, I was not there to wake them up. Anyway, we made it. The boat trip was amazing: we occupied the outside benches at the beginning and stayed there the whole time, reading books, taking pictures, sleeping a little, watching the water, talking a lot…until Al., at the first stop for breakfast, decided that “it’s never too early to drink the first beer”. And he bought beers for Floh, me and himself. Everything was comical, as people inside the boat were annoyed and started to come out saying to lower the voices, but actually we didn’t think to be loud, and we thought that they were just jealous because we were outside (very true) , that was actually way cooler than the small and dark inside. We just kept on till we arrived in Cambodia.





During one of those days, my camera broke. The bad thing, except the camera itself, was that without the two lost/stolen phones we didn’t have a lot of sources for pictures. And from that moment on all my pictures were a challenge for focusing and with a “typical” eye-fish impression. Ugh!


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