Tips for trips!-VIETNAM

Nearly in the middle of the jouney, it’s time to share some more tips about the journey in VIETNAM! Unfortunately, i forgot to take notes of all the hostel we’ve been to, but not all of them were worth sharing anyway, and we found out that finding a nice place to stay is pretty easy and cheap. So, let’s talk about serious stuff!

Open bus ticket (Vietnam).


A very interesting offeris the open bus ticket . In Hanoi (or Ho Chi Minh) it is easy to buy bus tickets (also asking in some hostels) all the way south or north. The convenient part of the process is you can choose to get off at cities along the way including Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hué and Mui Ne. we decided to skip one, actually. Anyway, the only thing you have to do is to call the company the day before the intended departure to book the seats (or the beds) and everything is done! We were able to buy our open tickets for 40 dollars, but heard that others had to spend 50/60 $, it depends on the number and ability to bargain i guess! I’ve heard and read many people complaining about the conditions of some buses, and we had a couple of bad experiences too, but it’s nothing impossible to survive. Obviously, this is my opinion!

Speedboat Vietnam-Cambodia border.

Boat to Chau Doc

Another amazing experience was the boat to cross the border Vietnam-Cambodia. The best city for departure is the small Chau Doc, booking the boat is extremely easy (the hotels/hostels arrange everything), and this is definitely the best way for this kind of little journey. It lasts less than 5 hours, and even if it’s more expensive than the bus, it’s great.The company is called Blue Cruiser Speedboat, it starts from Pier Cafe Boat Dock, or Victoria Hotel if guest.  The boat crew handles the entry process (quite fast), Visa Fee & Service Fee is $24 USD (the price could be a little higher, but less than 30$).

Renting a scooter in Vietnam. 


In Vietnam we decided to rent scooters a couple of times, and we had wonderful days. Renting is extremely easy and the price is always negotiable. Sometimes asking advice at the hostel might help to get more discount. Driving around is funny even is traffic can be congested, but watch out at night! Some of us found out that the lights were broken and the way back was not the best. Try not to scratch the scooter in any way, it’s not nice to say but this is how you will make them very happy…the price as compensation they’re gonna ask is crazy!

Street food. 


Only two words. TRY IT. Even if this is  almost always valid, we fell in love with a couple of dishes there. First of all, COFFEE. The white one, with condensed milk. AMAZING. And second, the baguette. You can find both things almost everywhere, and you are gonna end up eating and drinking those all the time.

Hanoi Kids.

I already mentioned this project in my post, but i think it’s really worth it. Through this link you can book the tour and a guy will bring you around Hanoi, sharing some culture and nice conversations, and making you discover some corners of the city you couldn’t expect! How to book a tour here.


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