On the road! Phnom Penh- Sihnoukville 2nd of February

The morning was the first big challenge for our motorbikes: from Phnom Pehn to Sihnoukville (more than 200 km), where we planned, under the advice of the couple we met, to have a rest from our holiday (yeah, sounds weird to me too) and head for a “desert” island where to camp with hammocks. They told us wanders about this Crusoe Island, and we decided that it at least deserved a glance. It did.

We went to buy ropes for our luggage and we left, looking huge with two people and two backpacks on each bikes.  The people from the hostel gave us a lot of recommendations, and many Chinese looked at us really amazed, listening to our plan.


How to describe the ride? That was truly awesome, the best way we could ever have chosen to travel through Cambodia. We had some troubles (especially A. and An., who wanted to stop every half an hour to fix the luggage and complain of sitting uncomfortably), but the whole trip was so good that we decided to try to make the whole Cambodia in that way. (Before, we had decided that if this ride had gone wrong, we would have resell the bikes straight after…no way!).



Oh, a special prize goes to A., who was always incredibly able to be the dirtiest one after every ride…he completely changed the color of his skin and clothes from bright white to sandy brown, looking very tanned. Very true that the roads were pretty dusty, but he really managed to collect as much dirt on him as possible.

[Note: driving in Cambodia is an adventure itself. Apart from the dusty roads everywhere, Cambodians have a weird interpretation of traffic rules: they do not actually exist. This does not mean that driving is impossible, but open eyes are necessary. And a strong heart: a couple of times a truck’s overtaking in the opposite lane was a serious heart attack!]

We arrived in Sihnoukville late and all pretty tired (the ride took the whole day in the end!), and with great dismay we discovered that most of the hostels were completely full. Better, every hostel and cheap place was completely full, even the creepy ones. After too much wandering, we decided to stay in a nice hotel with small apartments, actually not so expensive but, again, above our average. It took more that an hour,  we were really tired and we just went for dinner, booked the boat for the island and went to bed.


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