Our wild island: Koh Ta Kiev 3rd-4th of February

The next morning we woke up, took the motorbikes and headed to Otres beach, where the boat would have taken us to Crusoe Island, that is actually Koh Tah Kiev. It takes less than an hour to get to the island, and booking the boat is essential. We were heading to Crusoe Island, a leap into uncontaminated nature, silence and beauty. This day was the first of three that we all remember with a big smile.

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That day Floh and I started a collection of interesting books to share through the whole holiday. Some of them are still with us, and some others helped us to gain some money…we’ll go to that later!  Most of them were about the countries we were travelling. Here some tips:

– Finding George Orwell in Burma, by Emma Larkin

-The Killing Fields, by Christopher Hudson

-A Cambodian Prison Portrait: One Year in the Khmer Rouge’s S21, by Vann Nath

-Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma’s Struggle for Democracy, by Bertil Lintner

-Runaway, by Alice Munro (short stories)

-You’ll never walk alone, by Debbie Singh ( a sister’s struggle for her brother to be released from the Bangkok Hilton- Bang Kwang Central Prison)

Back to that day, Floh and I decided to buy some beers for the island, thinking that there they would have been too expensive. True, but our plan was not perfect. The boat was late, so at one point we decided that 10 a.m. was not too early for the first beer…the first two maybe. One hour or a little more after we arrived in the island, the beers were gone.

Once arrived on the island, the first thing to do was to find the best place for our hammocks. So it was time to explore. Target not really easy, as Floh and I were as happy as kids to explore and climb, while the others, well not that much. After one hour of walking around, we found the best spot of the whole island. Probably it was outside the border of the camping zone, but we decided to pretend that we didn’t understand it, just in case. An. and A. joined us: our place was just way cooler than their (yeah!).




The afternoon came along swimming, exploring the island, waiting for the sunset and a nice dinner with some beers. The night was a little trouble, as it was very cold and we didn’t expect that! In the middle of the night we all woke up to dress heavier!

The morning was awesome, waking up and just jump into the sea that was 10 meters far from us.


That was the starting of an interesting and funny day. The staff had planned a tour of the island, included a jump from the cliffs, but when it was cancelled we decided to do it by ourselves. We soon found some …obstacles, which slowed down our intentions.

Walking on the seashore, we met a group of Finnish guys completely stoned and slightly drunk, who invited us for a coffee. We had great time there, and only after a couple of hours we moved on, followed by the new entire group, that wanted to show us the cliffs and eventually jump as well. The climbing was incredible, inside the forest, barefoot, having a look at the many difficulties A. had to climb stones, and listening to A. talking about how brilliant the colors of the forest were to his eyes… and we finally reached the cliffs.



It’s not easy to describe the feeling there. It was a mixture of excitement and fear and a little part of the brain which was saying that we were not in the best condition to do that, but the impulse to jump was too strong…and we jumped.



Alex was slightly freaking out when he saw that getting out of the water was not really easy, as there were rocks and pretty big sea urchins, but we succeeded and walked the way back to see the sunset.


The rest of the evening was fun as well. After some beers and dinner, we met a girl who kindly wanted to share with us her stuff. That was the end for Alex. We just couldn’t stop laughing at him, while he was so worried and sad, and kept staring at nothing, and walked so slow that looked very very weird. He stole a bottle of water without even realizing it, and after staring at the sea for more than ten minutes he decided to go to bed.

After a short time we followed him. The next morning was already time to leave the island and go back to Fotzetta!

Tip: always consider advice and suggestions from other travelers, you might end up in a wonderful place without having considered it! Thanks to our Canadian friends!


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