From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap by motorbike 5th-6th of February

The next morning, An. decided not to come with us on the bikes, as she and A. had had some arguments during the previous ride. She stayed in Sihnoukville for another day and then took a bus directly for Siam Reap.

This time for us was pretty an adventure. It should have been better, as we had a person and backpack less, but we were very unlucky (well, that’s the price for the money we paid the bikes i guess!).

In the middle of nowhere between Sihnoukville and Phnom Penh Fotzetta broke, and the closer village was not in sight. Alex and I went ahead with the other bike to look for someone to help, while a sweaty Floh was pushing Fotzetta uphill. He is a lucky guy, nevertheless. A group of men was playing cards next to a field, and when they saw him one of them stood up and ran toi help, taking a rope in order to pull Fotzetta with his own bike. But fortune was already too much, so, to make the situation even more ridiculous and hilarious, the guy ran out of petrol, so they had to pour some of Fotzetta’s into the other!


They reached the village where Alex had abandoned me in front of a petrol station, and we found an awesome man who fixed it. It’s crazy how they can fix everything. This “little” accident made it impossible to reach Siam Reap in one day, so we reached Phnom Pehn and went back to our previous hostel, where we had some beers and went to bed, ready for the next exhausting  day.


The 6th of February was tough. It is a distance of about 350 km one way.The first part of the road was shit, a never-ending path made of wholes and dust. Every time we reached a city or town with a name that we had find on the map we were extremely happy, but the ride was slow. Especially in the afternoon  we were already tired, A. was annoying and the city was never at sight. It was getting dark while we were still riding on this road with low speed and no lights (we had to arrange them with a flashlight!). Only when it was almost entirely dark the road became better rapidly and the traffic increased. Shortly later we found ourselves in the dense traffic of Siem Reap provincial capital.

We couldn’t believe that our bikes had made it. Just made it, actually. In the moment we entered the city Fotzetta showed signs of collapsing.

It took some time to find a hostel, but in the end we found a nice and cheap one and collapsed in our beds.


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