Angkor What?! 7th-8th of February

The next morning An. found us at the hostel still sleeping, and we were all still so tired that we decided to have a day-off. The first thing to achieve was to sell the motorbikes. That was the idea since the beginning when we had bought them, but now we had some doubts as they were materially collapsing, especially Fotzetta. Moreover, we almost didn’t have any document to prove that we had actually bought and not stolen them, so every shop that we tried turned them down. We were about to decide what to do with them (either park them somewhere in the middle of the road, or drive them in the water or whatever very silly), when Floh had the idea to ask as a joke a tuk-tuk driver whether he wanted to buy Fotzetta for 20 $, or some ridiculous price like that. A miracle happened. He was obviously interested in, and in five seconds we were surrounded by people who wanted to buy them. We immediately raised the price again. That moment was awesome, and it was so difficult not to show how happy we were (we wanted them to think that the price was just okay, but not a lot). We prayed that both the motorbike switched on while trying them, and it happened. We had sold them!!

Immediately after taking the money we went to buy a beer to celebrate, and we all decided that that day would have been a celebration-day. We wandered around Siem Reap for a while. Siem Reap is not big, and is usually used as a base for sightseeing. The majority of the buildings in town are new, including luxury hotels and facilities for the tourists. We stopped to drink some beers out of a supermarket, and we tried the foot massage with the fishes. It is a typical Asian massage done by fish, especially good for dry skin, that is directly eaten by fishes. It’s ticklish. A. was the best to watch, as he couldn’t really stand the tickle and his face was extremely funny trying not to laugh!!


At night , we tried the famous PUB STREET, where we chose the awesome bar AngkorWhat?, and started to order buckets as A. wanted to get the free t-shirt given with an order of two buckets. m

Amazing night, we met a million of people (also the other group of Italians and Germans), we drunk with everybody in the place and had a lot of much fun. Floh and I went home with a tuk tuk, too tired to walk, and after a while A. was at the hostel as well.

The next morning the waking up was unpleasant, but it was the only day when we could visit Angkor Wat, so we put ourselves back on foot and called a tuk-tuk. This is a bit shameful, but it was impossible the idea of walking all the way or riding a bike, and that seemed the best idea to be able to see everything.  Anyone visiting this place is fascinated by the temples, big or small: even after visiting many temples around the world, this place

remains impressive and charming. If what you want is to see the major temples, one day is enough, even if many guides say you need 2-3 days. We chose  to see the most important and significant, and we made it, also asking advice to the tuk-tuk driver.20140208_134042

These are the temples that we visited.

ANGKOR WAT. Two words: huge and powerful. It is the largest monument of the Angkor group and the best preserved, in the midst of a dense vegetation emerges of a sudden this huge building.20140208_115111




BAYON TEMPLE: a temple marked by 54 spires, each of which, on each side,has a face of Avalokitesvara (Buddhist god), for a total of 216 faces. Whichever way you turn, then, you always feel observed by these smiling and disturbing faces.



20140208_130524 TAH PROHM:  Fans of Lara Croft will recognize images of this temple, literally surrounded by vegetation. Tah Prom was  pretty much left there as found by early European explorers. There is a strange beauty in the strangler trees, the atmospheric combination of all of those trees growing out of the ruins and the jungle surroundings really inspired us, and we took millions of pictures and videos walking through.20140208_154645




BAKSEI CHAMKRONG: a small Hindu temple.

TA KEO: a temple-mountain, in Angkor (Cambodia), possibly the first to be built entirely of sandstone by Khmer.




Once back to the hostel, it was time to wait for the bus to Bangkok. That time was painful, the bus was extremely late and nobody had any information about it. We waited for hours in the lobby of our hostel, reading, sleeping and getting more and more nervous. We were about to resign when Al. decided to do something. He found a mysterious guy who knew the bus station and accepted to bring us there (paying, obviously). Al. and A. left. We waited such a long time that Floh and I started to think that they had been kidnapped or something, when suddenly (and finally!|) the bus appeared. It brought us to the station, where An. and A. were, luckily, and we had to wait other two hours before the “real” bus arrived. The positive thing was that we were really tired and ready to sleep, the negative point was that the bus was frozen,  and we had to try the best contortionist moves to keep slightly warm with our jumpers!


2 thoughts on “Angkor What?! 7th-8th of February

    1. Hi! thank you! Well, unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the hostel, but can tell you exactly where it was: the last building on the right before dusty road in street 20, in front of a small shop (and laundry). The price was ok, the best that we could find, we shared a 4-people room with bathroom and breakfast was affordable. They let us stay there way longer than usual while waiting for the bus (check out was in the morning!), so I’d say it was a good choice!


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