Bangkok for a while 9-10th of February

After the not extremely pleasant ride, and the usual operations at the border, we arrived in Bangkok a little later than what we expected. It was time of big decisions. Some of the others had decided to go to the Full Moon Party, and our friend Al. as well, while Floh and I were still struggling. Among the ideas there were Burma and a week of training in some Thailand’s island to take the scuba diving license. We found a hostel and sit down for a while to discuss our plan.

We stayed at Sitdhi Guest House, a cheap backpackers’ hostel, clean and in a good position, a lot of restaurants and other hostel in the surroundings.

After some research, Burma won! That would have been our next destination. We immediately booked the flight, sorted out the documents for the Visa and headed out in Bangkok. We walked around the city and arranged to meet the others (who were in Bangkok as well) for the night. The must-try for a night in Bangkok is Khao San Road, where we spent our time. It’s definitely a place for backpackers: a crowded street with billions of stalls and shops selling everything,  insects, t-shirts, rice, fruit and much more. It is extremely crowded and after a while can be annoying, but good for a night of drinking and fun!



We spent the next day arranging the Burmese Visa at the Embassy. It took quite some time to do it, as the queue was pretty long, and we had to go back in the afternoon to get the passports back with the stamps.(How to get a Burmese Visa in Bangkok?). We spent the whole day walking around the district, eating a soup with fishy balls and trying to repair from the incredibly hot sun.

At night, we stop by a restaurant to have a couple of beers and later, while sitting on the ground in Khao San Road talking and drinking, we met by chance An. and Al. and we had some drinks in a bar next there.


The night got really weird as next to us was sitting a fat guy with a (obvious) young prostitute, and that pissed off Floh so much that he started to stare at the guy, telling him how disgusting he was and that he should better go away. That situation went on for a while, with them two staring at each other, whispering swearwords, till the guy decided to go, leaving Floh satisfied in his attempt to “save” the girl. After that, another girl next to our table felt sick and in five minutes she started to sleep on the table, next to her friends who didn’t seem to care a lot and kept on chatting…it was a weird night in Bangkok.

The next morning for me and Floh was time to say goodbye to the others and leave for Burma. We met Al. for breakfast,  bought an (unfortunately) old Lonely Planet, you know those cheaper which are actually photocopy and headed to the airport. After a short flight, we were in Yangon, Burma.


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