Thousand Temples, One Day- Bagan 15-16th of February

The next day, very early in the morning (5.20, it was still dark and way too early to say hello to Floh) it was time again for our favorite (ONE of our, never forget Fotzetta!)  means of transport: a boat!  This is probably the one of the most popular boat journey in the country, taking in a beautiful section of the vast Irrawaddy River, and it’s worth it! [We booked it in a very simple way directly at the hostel.]

At the hostel everybody was really nice before we left, giving us a take-away breakfast that we much valued later. Arrived at the river, we got on board and we chose immediately our seats outside (as always). The whole morning passed reading a little, chatting, sleeping, taking pictures, drinking many many coffees (they were for free inside!), all surrounded by water and a calming silence.





We had a nice lunch on the boat (not really expensive) and in the afternoon, stunned by the sun, we decided to have a nap inside, on the sofas.

After seven hours or more of sailing we finally reached Bagan. The dock of Nyaung U was full of people, children, taxi drivers, coach drivers…everybody had something for us.



As usual, we didn’t have a hostel, so we started to walk in the direction of the town, when two women stopped us saying that we had to pay to enter the Bagan Archaeological Site. We explained that we would have visited to temples only the day after, but they didn’t want to listen to any reason and we had to give literally ALL our money. We only had one dollar left, after the entrance fee. It was awful, as we didn’t know how far the town center was, but at that point we didn’t have money even for the taxi! We were so pissed off that we couldn’t even laugh at the messy situation. We just started to walk.
At the end, the town was not  too far and after three or four attempts we found a hostel (Pyinsa Rupa Guest House, if I remember right) and got some more money. We had rice and other things with curry, vegetables and meat, and the food was awesome. At this point Floh would disagree, as, according to him, he was food-poisoned exactly there. Nobody knows if it’s true, as I was ok, but after dinner and one beer he started to feel sick, and in the middle of the night he started to feel VERY sick, a situation that lasted some hours. In the morning, he was still feeling seriously bad (but with enough strength to be in the mood of complains and requests).
He felt better only after lunch time, as the stomach was fine for water and chips, at least. After talking about what to do, we decided to rent two bicycles and we went to see the temples. We had only planned one day in Bagan and we had already bought the tickets for an over-night bus that night. We would have obviously stayed if necessary, but Floh was feeling better, so we decided to try to make it as planned.

We chose only some of the temples to visit or to have a closer look, as they are thousands in the valley, almost everywhere you can see a structure, and the whole tour was worth it.


It is not about a single beautiful temple, but the whole area, so vast, it spotted by big, small, new or ruined pagodas all around. It is a very relaxing surrounding, almost totally silent; we barely met other people if not at the sunset spot, close to the river. The colors of the valley were amazing and, even if we had seen tons of temples at that point, especially after Angkor Wat, this still was beautiful to see.






For the sunset we chose the Bupaya Pagoda spot, really close to the river, and we watched the sun falling behind the far mountains.




After dinner we headed to Inle Lake with a over-night bus.

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