Welcome to Inle Lake- 17th of February

Burma had been a rush till that moment, we were starting to feel tired, Floh was weak because of the sickness and we thought that staying some days in the same place would have been a nice idea, and we chose Inle Lake. It was one of our best ideas.

With the over-night bus from Bagan we reached the town of Nyaung Shwe, one of the spots to visit the lake, at the sunrise. We found a hostel almost immediately (Gypsy Inn, at the beginning of the town, the position allows to walk everywhere around). It was too early for the check in (our room would have been ready only at 12, but actually we were able to get in around 10.30-11), so we left the backpack in a deposit room and went out for a walk and exploration.

It was beautiful to see the first activities of people, the sun rising and illuminating the streets, the monks taking the rice offered by the women, people opening shops, the first boats coming to bring tons of vegetables to the market…All in a bright light, silence and some spread magic.


. IMG_5813


We stopped in a bar to have breakfast with some coffees and fried bread. They are so smart!! There is this genius strategy to bring food at your table, so that you are tempted to eat it! We obviously did it. We walked through the small town, busy around the central roads, full of colors, strong smells, shops and food, and calm and peaceful just around the corner. We loved that town, and we were already happy about our decision to choose the place have a rest.


When we finally got our room, we were still tired for the night ride and we fell asleep till four o’clock. Walk around for a couple of hours, pancakes for dinner at the Inle Pancake Kingdom, half of a beer and back to bed again, after planning the day after, which was one of the best in Burma.


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