Goodbye Burma! And let’s have a look at Kuala Lumpur! 21-22nd of February

The next day was almost the last of  our trip, so we decided to enjoy the time without any rush. We had a long breakfast with a couple sitting next to us, who has just come back from a period of meditation in a monastery in the mountains.

The whole thing about meditating in order to improve your life is really fascinating, the happiness involved in learning about yourself. During the year that I spent in China, time changed people a lot, or at least made me discover more about myself than ever before. If there is one important thing that I learnt is that, if something makes you happy, there is not a lot to think about it. Just be happy, and there will not be something to regret. I’ve always been a thoughtful person, because I’ve always believed that what is rational is right, but actually there is nothing irrational in the wish of being happy. This is the best thing China could have taught me.

Keep on with our day, we spent some time walking around the village, looking for postcards (yes, the last day) and a postal office. We were definitely running out of money, and we sold a couple of our books in a second-hand bookshop, so that we could afford lunch and another coffee.


In the evening , there was the bus back to Yangon, where a flight was waiting for us to reach Kuala Lumpur, our last destination.

The time at the airport in Yangon was pretty a pain. We didn’t have money at all, we desperately wanted a coffee, which was definitely out of our reach, but finally the flight set off and in a while we were in KL.

There, in an crazily hot day, we found a hostel where Floh had been previously. After dropping the bags, we found a place for lunch on the street and we walked in the direction of the Petronas Towers, favorite Floh’s skyscraper.




Late afternoon and we stopped by a bar with an offer on cold beers. We had a couple of glasses there, and a little later we walked into a nightlife street, where we had another beer before deciding that this way was too expensive. The solution was to buy beers in a supermarket and sit at a stick-place in front of it, eating every half an hour a couple of sticks and drinking! After a while a cd-seller placed his table with hi-fi next to us, so we also had music on! It was our personal pub. You gotta be creative sometimes! At the end of the night we were both pretty tipsy, really tired and we went back to the hostel.

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