The appropriate end of our trip! 23rd of February

That morning was the last one. Or at least, it should have been.

We had breakfast at the hostel, waiting for the shower to be free (there was only one for the whole floor) and drinking a hundred coffees. We had lunch around and spent some time checking bus/train and other stuff. Then we headed to the airport, where a huge wave of bad luck overwhelmed us. Where to start?

At one point Floh went to the toilet, leaving the backpack in the middle of the way. I moved it (of two steps maximum!) without paying much attention, and when he came back the shoes  were gone!! For the next hour (at least) we talked with almost everybody in the airport, we went to the police and to the “lost and found” office, to all the cleaners and the information points, without finding them…..when for some miracles we found them next to the place where the backpack was! Really happy that we got them back, we went to the check in. But it was not our day…

You all should have seen our faces when the woman at the desk told us that there was no ticket booked for Floh that day. We asked for a second check, and she said that the only reservation for that name was for the 22nd….the day before. No words to describe that exact moment.

It was time to think fast for a solution, so we went outside to smoke a cigarette and to consider what to do. We went to another desk to buy a ticket for Hong Kong (at least getting closer to Hangzhou!) and to sit down somewhere, waiting for my flight and checking with my extremely slow phone (remember that he had lost his one?) how to move from Hong Kong to our city. We were able to book a flight to Hangzhou for two days later.

It was time for my flight, so, after convincing Floh to keep my phone as he was alone around Asia, I reached the gate.

At 2 a.m. I was in Shanghai, tired and with a long waiting time ahead, but luckily found out that the first train for HZ from the South station was around 4, so I jumped on a taxi and caught the dirtiest train ever seen in China. In the morning I was back in Hangzhou.


In the meanwhile Floh spent the first night at the airport, as the flight for HK was at lunch time the day after. The second night he slept at the airport, again. He said that for the next holiday he would not pay for hostels anymore, as he is able to sleep very good in stations and airports. I don’t remember the details of his adventures; I just know that he arrived alive in Hangzhou, with some business cards from new Chinese friends who kept him company.

That was the end of our holiday, full of unexpected wonders and a lot of fun. It took some time to reorganize the impressions and the feelings left from those different countries, and from the whole experience.

What will remain forever is the image of the road. By bike, with Fotzetta, by bus or tuk tuk, at night, or surrounded by the bright light of the sun, what makes me happy is hitting the road. 

Our journey ended some months ago, and already the desire to hit that road, to discover and to meet people is burning.

Travel is not to go anywhere, but to go. (With the right people. I would add).



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