Beijing: my first food shock in China

28th of August, and we left from Milan Malpensa, direction: BEIJING! It was the beginning of an adventure which lasted one year, during which I studied at the Zhejiang Univesity doing a Master about China Studies. Before reaching Hangzhou, we decided to spend a couple of days in Beijing.

I will not share here all the amazing food you can fine in China (I literally LOVED Chinese food).
Instead, there is a place you have to visit to have a first idea of what is the weird stuff Chinese food is about: WANGFUJING STREET. The main Wangfujing street is the modern one with the Oriental plaza, book stores, international brands shops and restaurants. The “snack street” is on the north side of Donghuamen Dajie, east of Wangfujing street (from the Wangfujing gate). Well, even if you are completely sure that you are not gonna eat a scorpion, this street is so awesome and particular that is anyway worth a visit. Be ready for a mixture of smells and jump into it!

China 2013 ©stackingringsandcamera
China 2013 ©stackingringsandcamera
China 2013 ©stackingringsandcamera
China 2013 ©stackingringsandcamera
China 2013 ©stackingringsandcamera
China 2013 ©stackingringsandcamera
China 2013 ©stackingringsandcamera

And what about you? Did you get the chance to try any weird food in China? What was the crasiest food-related thing you saw? I am curious to hear from you!



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