Joshua Tree National Park: my favorite metaphor

In 2012, I traveled across some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen while doing a road trip across USA National Parks.

I have so many memories of it that it is always hard to choose my favorite. This is why I will pick and share with you the main reason for loving each and every one of them, starting from the Joshua Tree National Park. What makes it so special to me? Well, it is something in the way the yucca trees bend in the resilient wind of the desert, never breaking, adapting itself to survive and still becoming more interesting and more beautiful. It is quite a metaphor.

USA 2012 ©stackingringsandcamera
USA 2012 ©stackingringsandcamera
USA 2012 ©stackingringsandcamera
USA 2012 ©stackingringsandcamera


USA 2012 ©stackingringsandcamera
USA 2012 ©stackingringsandcamera
And what about you? What, if so, makes this landscape very special to you? I am curious to hear from you!

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