About Greta

page.jpgHow Stacking Rings and a Camera was born

After a travel of more than one month around Asia, I wrote down the adventures to print a small book as a present for a friend. It was only after this that I decided to turn the book into a blog, and to start sharing our amazing trip. It turned out to be much more as time passed by.

WHY Stacking Rings and a Camera?

It took some time (really) to find a name which could both represent me and stand out a bit from the crowd of bloggers.
Camera, quite easy, I love photography, I love the power of faces and light through the lenses.
Stacking Rings, well, because rings (and jewelery more in general) are my addiction. I just cannot do anything about it.

Other pieces of me:

Some other things I love: good books and meaningful movies, listening to music, yoga, coffee in the morning, wine, walking to work in the morning through the park, the smell of rain, sea and fire.
Some things I actually do not like: spiders, cardamom, cowboy boots, umbrellas.

Where to find me:

Stacking Rings and a Camera is on FacebookPinterest and Bloglovin!

You can also find me as gre_bi on Instagram!

All photographs and content presented in this blog are the original work of Stacking Rings and a Camera, unless stated otherwise. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of material without express, written permission is strictly prohibited. Sharing of these web articles, photos, and blog posts, including re-blogging, pinning, tweeting or using excerpts and links is permitted and encouraged, provided that full credit is given to Stacking Rings and a Camera with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

8 thoughts on “About Greta

    1. Hi Chris,
      thank you so much for your kind words. I am very glad you got this feeling from them, because this is exactly what I would like to convey: beauty!
      Wish you a great evening,


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