Places to go, things to do, people to meet

A couple of years ago, I started to write a wish list about things to do, that turned out to be actually more a list of places I wanna see. Every time that I see a picture, or I read or listen to a story about some amazing places, I write them down. The list is getting longer and longer, but I had the chance to tick off some wonders in the last few years.

There are another million (and more common) things I wanna do, but this list is about places I didn’t know before, and now I want to discover, or things I wanna try at least once in lifetime. These kind of wish list got recent popularity, and I decided to share mine. Whether in lifetime I will visit only a couple of these destinations or all, every experience will enrich me. And if along the way I will decide to stay longer, be alone, make friends or get a tattoo, that is all part of the game.

– To take a picture surrounded by clouds at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

– Namibia, Dead Vlei

– Ukraine, Klevan

– New Zeland, Waitomo Glowworm

– Jordan, Petra

18122_10151186019787670_2039311851_nPhoto: Julia Pfeiffer Burns, California

-Trekking to Machu Picchu  Peru

– Trekking  along the Camino de Santiago

– Road trip on the Atlantic Road, Norway

– To see the heads in the Easter Island, Polynesia

IMG_0296Photo: Mon, Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland

– To travel the Trans Siberian Rail

To ride around USA National Parks

– To see the Ayers Rock, Australia

To see the Niagara Falls

– Road trip with motorbike in South America ( Camino de los Yungas, Bolivia, included)

– To try windsurf, surf and parachuting

– To travel the Silk Road with any available transportation

– Trekking in Ireland

To walk along the Great Wall, China

529964_10150708259662670_45475612_nPhoto: Copenhagen, Denmark

– To be amazed by the Cristales River, Colombia

– To fly over Cappadocia, Turkey

To visit New York

To see the wonders of Angkor Wat, Cambodia

– To travel Nepal

– San Rafael waterfalls, Ecuador

– To chase the Northern Lights

– Hiking in Besseggengrat, Norway

In the list there are only some of my wishes, I will add more with time and discoveries. #neverstop

416935_10151147456357670_1412497998_nPhoto: roads of Arizona

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